Three Pieces of Trading Wisdom

3thought1) Before you put your capital at risk, have a well-formed trade idea;
2) When your idea pays you out quickly, take some profits;
3) Don’t get caught up in individual trades; focus on profitability over a series of trades and days.
I know, I know. These things sound ridiculously simple. But it’s only been in the 4-5 years that I can look myself in the mirror and say that I’m doing all three consistently. The spinning reverse dunks get the attention in basketball; the long touchdown pass makes the evening replays; and the big winning trades are the ones we like to talk about. The greater part of success, however, boils down to Xs and Os on the basketball court; blocking and tackling on the football field; and following basic fundamentals about framing and managing trades. It may not be sexy to execute on the fundamentals, but it gets the job done day after day and builds a career.

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