Consecutive Loses


You go long and the market immediately goes down – you go short and the market immediately goes up.  That’s 2 consecutive losses AND you are getting a little ‘anxious’ so you don’t take the ‘next’ trade and it of course works.  BUT to make the situation worse you then ‘chase’ the entry and it immediately reverses – another loss AND this is 3 in a row.  Ok 1 more try – this can’t happen on every trade can it – pray mode?   
This time though you will be real clever.  You have at least noticed that the market is in a range AND it’s the bounce from the low/retrace from the high that is causing all the problems.  So this time the next trade you take will be a range extreme fade AND the hell with your trading method.  The market is at the range low AND per your new ‘on the fly’ plan you go long AND the range immediately breaks out giving you consecutive loser #4 – trading against a method trade that is going far enough to pay for the previous 3 losers and make you net ahead.   
Now what are you supposed to do – QUIT?  AND to be sure that there is no more temptation – your throw your computer out the window and dive out right behind it.  You are in a trading psychology spiral.

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