17 Trading Rules

1. Trade needs to fit like a leather glove. 100% your terms or pass. Follow your instincts!!
2. A complete trade plan consists of entries, STOPS, and profit targets. Set a hard stop immediately for ½ position and watch other half for better exit.
3. Stick to plan and cut losers immediately! You can ALWAYS re-enter.
4. Respect your max daily loss and liquidate all positions immediately if/when hit.
5. Focus on only 1 position during the first 30 minutes for complete, undivided attention.
6. Never long a stock that is red on the day until after half time and very, very selectively (<10%).
7. Treat every trade like it is your only trade of the day/month/year.
8. Add to winners by recycling shares. Cover 1/2 into washes and re-short 1/4 on pops but reduce size each time.
9. Take a considerable timeout before switching bias from short to long.
10. Avoid shorting day 1 on low floaters – only para scalps with cover into following wash.
11. Wait for the back side of move to bring the hammer down when shorting.
12. Focus on the meat of the move, not trying to top and bottom tick everything.
13. If you have given back ¾ of daily profits, call it quits. You should never turn a green day to red.
14. Just had a monster day (good or bad)? Take tomorrow off.
15. NEVER say NEVER! Even shit can fly high if thrown hard enough.
16. Be very cautious when dip buying (small size, tight stops) – especially near potential back side.
17. 3 day rule. Better to bring the heat after day 3 of big moves.

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