The Trading Beast

The markets are no place to be unsure of yourself and wishy-washy, it is not a place for 2nd guesses, wishing, hoping, or gambling.  If you want to win in this jungle you need to be an unstoppable beast .

 Complete confidence in your system and method. You do not jump around in your trading or doubt yourself, it is not about you, it is the system.  Either it wins long term or it doesn’t. Either you have confidence in it or you don’t, make up your mind.

  1. You control risk. You do not expose yourself to being ruined because your bet size is consistently what you are comfortable with. Ten losses in a row is only a small draw down. If you are not afraid of ten losses in a row, what is stressful? NOTHING.
  2. You play follow the leader. You are not the lone wolf, you are going with the market not trying to predict it. Your entries and exits are based on historical patterns not your personal opinions, you are not trying to beat the market you are trying to be on its side, it always wins.
  3. You will not quit.Your exit strategy for your trading career? Never. You plan to never quit playing the greatest game on earth. You are a trader, that is what you do. Not quitting in most areas of life means that you eventually win big, the market is no different.
  4. You don’t need a guru. Your winning system is your guru. You don’t need to ask for a fish, you know how to fish. You only listen if you can learn how to catch more and bigger fish and somebody is a better fisherman than you.

The markets eat up lambs, chickens, pigs, and sloths. However beasts eat well off their prey.

Advice from Bob Knight

bobbykI don’t know much about basketball, but I do know that if you’re confronted with a chair-wielding maniac like Coach Bob Knight, that you should listen to him. Surprisingly, he was most interesting speaker I have heard in years. Rather than relay his career/professional tips, I’ll instead regurgitate three stories he told to prove his points….
An old man and his grandson are walking a donkey along the road when a car stops and the driver says, “hey old man, you should let your grandson ride on the mule”. So the kid jumps on and they carry on.
Soon enough, another car stops and the occupant says, “hey kid, get off that donkey, you should let the old man ride”. They swap places and continue on their way. (more…)

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