China press response to trade truce: “Mexico, China can be partners against US pressure”

A weekend report in the outspoken Global Times – never shy about saying what they think.

This was in a report on Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard’s official visit to China, which continues this week.
  • Although Trump said on Saturday that US companies could sell equipment to Huawei, security concerns raised by the US have not been completely settled
  • It will be a fierce game whose results will decide whether Huawei can develop 5G networks in Latin America.
  • Mexico is the target of pressure from the US, and that pressure is likely to continue. 
  • The US has too much influence over Mexico
  • China and Mexico can see each other as partners in development and in resisting US pressure and unilateralism
While the ‘truce ‘ is a positive the underlying issues remain unresolved, and given the two country’s divergent goals, unresolvable.
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