7 rules for dealing with risk

risk71. Overcome Fear. Fear clouds judgment.
2. Remain Flexible. Surprise outcomes may require a change of plan.
3. Take reasoned risks. Risk can be good if the odds are in your favour.
4. Prepare to be wrong. Plan in advance how to deal with unfavourable outcomes.
5. Actively seek reality. See the world as it is rather than as you want it to be.
6. Respond quickly to change. If your plan calls for some action in the face of unfavourable outcomes, don’t delay.
7. Focus on decisions, not outcomes. In the face of risk, good choices can have bad outcomes, and bad choices can have good outcomes.

From :Inside the Mind of the Turtles :Curtis M Faith

Greek crisis clouds EU summit

crisisThe fiscal emergency in Greece and the turbulence in debt markets are threatening to overshadow this week’s EU summit on business competitiveness. The problem poses a leadership test for Herman Van Rompuy, the EU’s first permanent president, who called the meeting. Greece’s debt crisis, and the risk of eurozone contagion,  are not on the summit’s official agenda, but leaders fear the impact on financial markets if the summit does not address the worst crisis to strike European monetary union since its launch in 1999.

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