Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)-Book Review

MISTAKES-WERE MADEOne of the best things I came across this  past week was this terrific review by  Morgan Housel where he shared insights  from the book “Mistakes Were Made (But  Bot By Me)” by Elliot Aronson and Carol  Tavris. Several members have  recommended this book to me so I was  very interested to read his review.
According to Mr. Housel, this are the six  most important things all of us should  learn from this book, many of which are  very important to investors and traders alike:

1. Everyone wants to be right and hates admitting the  possibility of being wrong.As fallible human beings, all of us share the impulse to justify  ourselves and avoid taking responsibility for any actions that turn
out to be harmful, immoral, or stupid. Most of us will never be in a  position to make decisions affecting the lives and deaths of  millions of people, but whether the consequences of our mistakes  are trivial or tragic, on a small scale or a national canvas, most of  us find it difficult, if not impossible, to say, “I was wrong; I made a  terrible mistake.”
The higher the stakes — emotional, financial, moral — the greater the difficulty. It goes further than that: Most people, when directly  confronted by evidence that they are wrong, do not change their  point of view or course of action but justify it even more tenaciously. Even irrefutable evidence is rarely enough to pierce  the mental armor of self-justification.

2. You brain is designed to shut out conflicting information.In a study of people who were being monitored by magnetic  resonance imaging (MRI) while they were trying to process  dissonant or consonant information about George Bush or John Kerry, Drew Westen and his colleagues found that the reasoning  areas of the brain virtually shut down when participants were  confronted with dissonant information, and the emotion circuits of
the brain lit up happily when consonance was restored. These mechanisms provide a neurological basis for the observation that  once our minds are made up, it is hard to change them. (more…)

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