1)Nobody is bigger than the market.

 2)The challenge is not to be the market, but to read the market. Riding the  wave is much more rewarding than being hit by it.
 3)Trade with the trends, rather than trying to pick tops and bottoms. 
 4)There are at least three types of markets: up trending, range bound, and  down. Have different trading strategies for each.
 5)In uptrends, buy the dips ;in downtrends, sell bounces. 
 6)In a Bull market, never sell a dull market, in Bear market, never buy a dull  market. 

 7)Up market and down market patterns are ALWAYS present, merely one is  more dominant. In an up market, for example, it is very easy to take sell  signal after sell signal, only to be stopped out time and again. Select trades  with the trend. 
 8)A buy signal that fails is a sell signal. A sell signal that fails is a buy signal. 

Up or Down Market-Mint Money

SMS-4 november
Dear Readers and Traders ,Always remember :
The market is a battlefield. Make sure you are on the winning side
Yesterday I had sent these Intraday Messages to my Subscribers.
-First Message :Buy NF above 4660 will kiss 4690,4730 level in hrs only.
*Grab Bajaj Auto ,Maruti and forget.Both stocks will skyrocket.
*Buy Great offshore ,Worst is over.Recommended at 518 ,stock was sleeping whole day..will roar.
*Buy SBI :Will kiss 2116-2131 & there after 2177.(Do u know it kissed 2172)
*Buy Reliance  :Target 1917 ,1944 in this rally.
*Have a eye on 454 for Tisco ,Now at 453.Crossover will take to 464-468 in hrs only.(Stock kissed 473)
*Go short in Bajaj Hindustan @ 198,will kiss 191-185-183 in panic.(In just less then hr it kissed 187 level )
So Jackpot for the day were :SBI & Bajaj Hindustan.
-From morning till end session our Mantra was NF maximum can zoom upto 4730.It kissed 4711.
Always Remember :Knowledge through experience is one trait that separates successful stock market speculators from everyone else
Updated :7:45/5th Nov/Baroda


Successful technical traders know that their technical analysis does not make them successful.
It does not take much skill to learn how to read a chart.  In fact, there is plenty of programs that can do that for you.  Technical analysis provides an historical record; it does not predict what will happen.  History is not doomed to repeat itself in the markets.  No, the skill comes in managing what happens next.  The skill comes in managing the luck handed to us, good or bad.

Technical analysis is a tool that when used properly and for the right reasons will aid the trader in managing what happens at the right hand side of the chart, most of which is pure luck.  Once in a trade the trader is 100% dependent on the decisions and news events that follow, none of which is in his or her control.

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