Dow and S&P have the worst day since October

NASDAQ has its worst day since August.   Fears about coronavirus send major indices lower.

Major indices are ending the session sharply lower. The Dow and S&P had their worst day since October. The NASDAQ index fared even worse with its worst day since August.
The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index -51.89 points or -1.57% to 3243.57. The high reached 3258.85. The low extended to 3234.50 (early in the session).
  • NASDAQ index fell -175.60 points or -1.89% to 9139.30. The high reached 9185.449. The low extended to 9088.043.
  • Dow industrial average fell -453.93 points or -1.57% to 28535.80.  The high reached 28671.79. The low extended to 28440.47.
Some losers on the day included:
  • United Airlines, -5.26%
  • Schlumberger, -5.06%
  • Broadcom, -4.69%
  • Nvidia, -4.12%
  • Intel, -4.07%
  • Micron, -4.04%
  • Alibaba, -3.78%
  • Intuitive Surgical, -3.65%
  • FedEx -3.65%
  • DuPont, +3.4%
  • Delta airlines -3.38%
  • Caterpillar, -3.35%
  • American Express, -3.32%
  • Disney, -3.05%
  • Apple -2.93%
Winners in a huge down day included:
  • Beyond Meat, +4.43%
  • Chewy, +1.79%
  • target, +1.29%
  • Walmart, +1.28%
  • Gilead, +1.12%
  • Pfizer, +0.8%
  • Procter & Gamble, +0.42%
  • Walgreens Boots, +0.35%
  • Stryker, +0.16%
  • Merck, +0.16%
Whirlpool is reporting and beat of $4.91 versus estimate of $4.27.  Revenues fell short of expectations at 5.38 billion versus 5.52 billion estimate.  Whirlpool shares are trading at $149 per share that’s up $0.77 or 0.52%.

Earnings releases pickup tomorrow with 3M, Starbucks, Apple, Pfizer and Lockheed Martin as some of the key releases.

Other key releases this week include:
  • Wednesday: Tesla, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Boeing, Facebook
  • Thursday: Amazon, UPS, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Biogen
  • Friday: Chevron, Honeywell, Caterpillar, Exxon Mobil, Colgate-Palmolive

Major indices give up early gains on coronavirus fear

Nasdaq snaps 7 week win streak.

The major indices give up early gains on coronavirus concerns and are ending the day lower.  For the week, the NASDAQ index snapped a 7 week winning streak and is ending down on the week. The Dow is in the midst of a four-day losing streak.
The final numbers are showing:
  • The S&P index -30.09 points or -0.90% at 3295.45. The high reached 3333.18. The low extended to 3281.53
  • The Nasdaq index fell -87.568 points or -0.93% at 9314.91. The high reached 9451.43. The low extended to 9273.23
  • The Dow closed down -171 points or -0.58% at 28989.73. The high reached 29288.79. The low extended to 28843.31.
For the week, the major indices all closed in the red:
  • Dow industrial average, -1.05%
  • S&P index, -0.64%
  • NASDAQ index, -0.45%
Apart from the German Dax and the Australia’s S&P/ASX 200, the major global indices end the week negative (see charts below).
Major indices closed mostly lower this week

Intel earnings are impressive (as is guidance)

EPS $1.52 versus $1.25 as expected

Intel stock is moving sharply higher in after-hours trading after their earnings and revenues beat expectations.

  • EPS, $1.52 versus $1.25 estimate
  • Revenues $20.2 billion versus estimate $19.22 billion
  • Intel sees 2020 revenues about $73.5 billion versus estimate of $72.21 billion
  • Intel sees 2020 adjusted earnings-per-share of $5 versus estimate of $4.69
  • Intel sees 1st quarter revenue about $19 billion versus estimate of $17.2 billion
  • Intel earnings, forecasts boosted by cloud a data center demand
  • Guidance completely above normal seasonal levels
The stock is currently trading at $67.82 after hours. That is up $4.50 or 7.11%

Broader indices close higher in the US stock market today

The Dow lags

The broader US indices (S&P and NASDAQ) are closing higher after recovering from earlier losses and fears from the coronavirus.  The Dow lagged with the indice down marginally.
The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index +3.79 points or 0.11% at 3325.54. The hi reached 3326.88. The low extended to 3301.87
  • NASDAQ index rose 18.709 points or 0.20% at 9402.47. The high reached 9409.199. The low extended to 9334.129
  • Dow fell -26.18 points or -0.09% at 29160.09. The high reached 29190.47. The low extended to 28966.98

US stocks close mixed in a up and back down session

No new records today..

The US stocks close mixed in a up and down session. The NASDAQ closed higher. The S&P closed near unchanged and the Dow fell.
The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index closed up 1.02 points or 0.03% at 3321.81. The high reached 3337.77. The low extended to 3320.04
  • Nasdaq index closed up 12.963 points or 0.14% at 9383.77. The high reached 9439.29. The low extended to 9375.129
  • The Dow industrial average fell -9.22 points or -0.03% at 29186.80. The high reached 29320.20. The low extended to 29172.26

Although there were intraday new highs for both the S&P and Nasdaq indices, the gains could not be maintained.

Not a lot of key earnings today, but tomorrow American Airlines, Southwest, Intuitive Surgical and Intel will all report earnings.