Nasdaq erases declines. Closes marginally higher. Dow and S&P close lower

  • Nasdaq erases a decline of -2.25%. The Dow was down as much at 605 points at the session lows

Well.. the Nasdaq closed higher.

After trading down as much at -255.47 points or -2.25% at session lows, the Nasdaq rallied into the close and eked out a gain of 6.72 points or 0.06%.

The Dow and S&P could not make it back into positive territory but erased large declines.

  • The Dow industrial average was down -605.89 points or -1.9% at its session lows
  • S&P was down -76.38 points or -1.94% at its lows

The final numbers are showing:

  • Dow industrial average -103.83 points or -0.33% at 31730.29
  • S&P index -5.10 points or -0.13% at 3930.09
  • NASDAQ index up 6.72 points or 0.06% at 11370.95
  • Russell 2000+21.23 points or 1.24% at 1739.38

The major indices are still lower for the week and working on their 6 consecutive weekly decline for the S&P and NASDAQ (with one more day of trading). The Dow is on pace for its 7th consecutive week decline.

From the all-time highs:

  • Dow closed down -14.13% after trading as low as -15.49%
  • S&P index closed down 18.44% after trading as low as -19.92%
  • NASDAQ index closed down -29.86% after trading as low as -31.48%

US major indices closing the day with mixed results NASDAQ rebounds. Dow down. S&P up modestly

The major US  indices  are ending the day mixed results. The Dow industrial average is down. The S&P index is modestly higher, while the  NASDAQ  is up nearly 1%. Yesterday the major indices all fell sharply to start the trading week.

A look at the final numbers shows:

  • Dow industrial average down -84.986 points or -0.26% at 32160.75
  • S&P index up 9.82 points or 0.25% at 4001.05
  • NASDAQ index up 114.43 points or 0.98% at 11737.68
  • Russell 2000 down -0.29 points or -0.02% at 1761.78

All the major indices had their share of ups and downs today as the market consolidated the sharp declines from yesterday’s trade. The NASDAQ index did trade to a new year low at 11566.28. That took out the low price from yesterday at 11574.94.

The S&P and Dow industrial average also made new 2022 lows. For the S&P, it reached 3958.17 taking out the low price from yesterday at 3975.48. For the Dow industrial average traded to a new low of 31887.89, after trading to a low yesterday of 32121.9.

In after-hours trading Coinbase reporting much worse than expected earnings of -$1.98 vs. expectations of +$0.18. Revenues came in at $1.17 billion vs. expectations of $1.48 billion. Monthly transacting users came in at 9.2 million vs. 9.5 million expected.

The stock is currently trading at $65.07 down -$7.92 or -10.85%. That comes after trading down -$10.52 or -12.6% in the normal trading hours today. Yesterday the stock closed at $83.51.

Year-to-date COIN is down 70.93%. The high for the year was the 1st day of the year at $251.

The S&P and NASDAQ close lower for the 5th consecutive week

Nasdaq weekly

Week ago today, the month of April ended with the  NASDAQ  index down over 13%. The market rallied on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday getting the month of May off to a good start. However yesterday’s sharp declines, and follow through selling today push the major indices lower on week. In other words the markets snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

A look at the final numbers shows:

  • Dow industrial average -98.6 points or -0.3% at 32899.38. The index close at 32977 last Friday. The index fell -0.23% this week.
  • S&P index -23.51 points or -0.57% at 4123.35. The index closed at 4131.92 last Friday. The index fell This week -0.21% this week
  • NASDAQ index -173.02 points of -1.4% at 12144.67. The NASDAQ closed at 12334.64. The index fell -1.54% this week.
  • Russell 2000 fell -31.58 points -1.69% at 1839.56. It settle that 1864.10 last Friday. The index fell 1.37% this week.

This was the first stretch of five weekly declines in the S&P 500 since May-June 2011 and the first five-week losing streak in the Nasdaq since 2012.

Next week CPI data takes center stage. More Fed speak as well.

US major indices take it on the chin

Twenty-four hours ago, the markets were looking forward to a corrective move higher after the FOMC put 75 basis points off the table going forward. However, the broader Nasdaq and S&P were closing right around the 100 hour MA. The technicals were not in “clear sailing” seas.

Today, the indices opened lower and some pretty poor productivity data (worst since 1947) turned the buyers into sellers and that selling did not abate for most of the day.

The Nasdaq traded to a new 2022 low. The S&P remains above its lowest low for the year but was down over -3.5%. The Dow lost 1000 points.

The final numbers are showing:

  • Dow fell -1063.11 points or -3.12% at 32997.96
  • S&P fell -153.30 points or -3.56% at 4146.86
  • Nasdaq fell -647.15 points or -4.99% at 12317.70
  • Russell 200 fell -78.77 points or -4.04% at 1871.14.

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