Cubes 18th June stock illustration. Illustration of design - 94694067Last Date ::::::::::10th June for enrollment

Spare : 3 hours of your Life

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#TradingSecretSeminar -By #AnirudhSethi (Only for 100 Traders ) Life changing -It’s Open challenge.


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#TradingSecretSeminar (Once in life time Opportunity )Date :4th December 2021 :Place :Baroda ►Spare 3 hours !!


Black Money: I-T warns against cash dealings of Rs 2 lakh or more, seeks tip-off | India News - Times of India
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Trading Secret Seminar -By Anirudh Sethi ,Date :21st March -Baroda


Golden opportunity 

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Technical Analysis and Trading Psychology Seminar on 24th August 2019 -By Anirudh Sethi

From Morning 11 AM till 3 PM

(Will have Lunch together and will chat )

Trading levels -Intraday levels (How to find ? )

Trading Secret Formula’s 

Trading Psychology -Tricks (Screen Reading )

Question & Answer session.

Seats TOTAL : 150

To know More Details Send mail to :[email protected]

PLACE :Baroda (Gujarat )

Technically Yours / 24 x7 x 365 days

Upcoming Technical Analysis and Trading Psychology Seminar on 20th July -By ANIRUDH SETHI ,Place Baroda

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Place :Baroda -Gujarat

Date :20th July 2019

Time : 10:30 am TILL 3 /4 pm 

Lunch & Tea +++Many more surprises 

Number of Seats : 250 (First come First basis )

Enroll before 10th June 

Technical Analysis + Trading Psychology + Q &A Session and one surprise for all Traders who will attend.

U will get some secret formula’s and unknown facts about Indicators and many more things.

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[email protected] 

Technically Yours 24 x 7 x 365 days !!

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