US Major indices close lower but it could’ve been worse

No new records today

The major US stock indices all closed lower, snapping the record close string at five.

  • Dow has its worst performance since August 4
  • S&P has its largest decline in nearly a month
  • NASDAQ posts a two day declinne
  • S&P and Dow snap a five day win streak/5 days of record closes
  • The Dow was down over 500 ppoints at it’s lows
  • Consumer Discretionary -2.31%
  • Industrials –1.06%
  • Communication services -0..99%
  • Energy -0.92%
  • Technology fell -0.87%
  • Healthcare rose 1.12%
  • Consumer staples rose 0.34%
The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index -31.46 points or -0.70% at 4448.25. The index at its low was down -1.39% or -62.14 points
  • NASDAQ felt -137.58 points or -0.93% at 14656.18. The index was down -242.9 points or -1.64% at it’s lows
  • Dow fell -282.122 points for -0.79% at 35343.28. It’s low price was down  -505.009 points or -1.42%
  • Russelll 2000 fell -26.24 points or -1.19% at 2177.17

Another sharp day down in the major US indices

Yields fall to new lows

The risk off flows continued in the US stock market and debt market.
The Dow industrial average was down over 1000 points at 1 point during the day. The S&P index fell below the 3000 level briefly before rebounding in the last hour of trading.
In the US debt market yields resumed their downward bias after yesterdays modest rebound.
The final numbers for the major indices are showing:
  • S&P index -106.18 points or -3.39% at 3023.94. The low price extended to 2999.83. The high was up at 3083.04
  • NASDAQ index fell -279.49 points or -3.10% at 8738.59. The low price reached 8677.387. The high price extended to 8921.078
  • Dow industrial average fell minus this 969.58 points or -3.58% at 26121.28. The low price extended to 25943.33. The high price reached 26671.92
In the US debt market the 10 year yield fell to a new record low level of 0.898%. It is currently trading at 0.91%. That is still down -14.2 basis points on the day. The yield curve flattening a bit to 32.49 basis points from close to 36 basis points the close yesterday, but all maturity levels fell by over -10 basis points.

US yields tumbled lower

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