Gold and silver continue to follow the dollar

Silver leading the charge with a 4% gain

Both gold and silver following the lower US dollar.

The US dollar has continued its moved to the downside in trading today, and gold and silver are certainly reacting.
The price of gold traded to a another new all time high price of $2048.18. The current price is trading at $2046 up 1.32% or $26.25.
Meanwhile the price of silver is currently up over $1 or 4.02% at $27.05. It’s high price reached $27.12 so far today.

Silver continues its surge and tests November 2013 highs

Moved above the $23 level for the 1st time since 2013.

The price of silver is trading up around $1.16 or 5.42% at $22.46. That is off the days high of $23.02. At the high the price was testing the November 1, 2013 high price of $23.08 (see weekly chart below). Since the week of June 19. The price of silver has moved from a low of $16.95 to the high today of $23.08.  That equates to a 35.8% gain. For the year the price has moved up from the closing level of $17.85. The year to date gain. The gain to the high today is equal to 29.2%.
Moved above the $23 level for the 1st time since 2013.
Drilling to the hourly chart, the last 4 days has seen the price move up 21.7% from the low to high with the last 2 days really extending quickly to the upside. However with the high price testing that 2013 swing high, there may be some rotation back to the downside as traders ring the cash register.

Silver on the daily chart shows a 21.7% increase over the last 4 trading days