S&P 500 -1176-1165 are support area

From Last three weeks falling from 1213-1217-1219 area.

On Friday closed at 1186.

Now ,What to expect from this level ?

-I think slide upto 1176-1165 on card.

Now ,Once breaks and closes below 1165 level for 3 Consecutive days then watch panic selling upto 1132-1121 level.

Last week ,I had already updated about DOW ,Nasdaq Composite.

Updated at 8:43/1st May/Baroda

Wall Street and World Market …As expected melts

-Above are 5 minute chart of DOW & Nasdaq Composite.

-Once in life time ,we can see these type of Intraday moves.

-It’s already 1:53 AM ,I will update more in morning.But just refresh your memory and see this picture posted on 3rd May’10

-Boldly mentioned :TUE ,WED ,THU ,Friday….Watch Bloodbath across Globe.

-Anybody in India had written to Sell Stocks with stop of 5566 & offload everything and withdraw money from Mutual Funds ???101% Nobody ……….!!

Updated at 2:00/07th May/Baroda /India

2009 Country Stock Market Performance

Below we highlight the year-to-date percentage change (local currency) for the major equity indices of 82 countries.  So far this year, 71 of the 82 countries are in positive territory, and the average change of all countries is 33.27%.  With a gain of 20.76%, the S&P 500 is 13 percentage points below the average, yet it’s the second best G-7 performer behind Canada so far in 2009.

The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) have been standouts this year.  Russia is up the most out of all countries with a gain of 126.71%.  Brazil, China, and India are all up more than 70%.  Along with Russia, the Ukraine, Argentina, and Peru are up more than 100% year to date.

Eleven countries are down so far in 2009.  Ghana is down the most at -48.26%, followed by Puerto Rico (-40.56%), Bermuda (-38.36%), and Costa Rica (-35.37%).
2009 country stock market

Shanghai Composite :Crashed as per our Expectation

Refresh Your Memory (Those who Bark/Those who Trade Blindly )

On 8th May Written :Wave 3rd to create panic

Click here and Read   My written targets were 2595-2523

On 7th May it closed at 2688 level.And Today it crashed to close at 2559 level.

-Never Trade Blindly ,Stocks can be Manipulated not Indices….remember my words.

Technically Yours

Updated at 14:25/17th May/Baroda/India

Dollar and Stocks Still Moving in Opposite Directions

The red line in the chart below is not an inverse of the S&P 500.  It’s actually an intraday chart of the dollar.  No sooner than one goes up, the other goes down

Buffett builds Munich Re stake

Munich_ReWarren Buffett, the US investor, has expanded his reinsurance holdings by becoming one of the largest shareholders in industry giant Munich Re. Buffett has built a stake worth €660m ($934m) in the German reinsurer, according to a market announcement triggered when his stake rose above 3%. It makes him the second-largest investor in Munich Re, after US asset manager BlackRock with almost 4.6%.