‘Trading and Life’ – #ANIRUDHSETHI

If you enter this world, you better stay invested

Your patience, hard work and skills will often be tested

You need to do a lot of research and get your hands dirty

Get out into the real world; doesn’t matter if you’re twenty or thirty

You need to be a well-oiled machine

You’ve gotta be the sharpest you’ve ever been

The most hardworking person this world’s ever seen

Be on guard, ready to act whether the numbers are red or green

You might take a stumble

And the market might seem to crumble

You should be down for it, engines always ready to rumble

Things might turn sour

And you might find yourself in the lonely hour

But you should never doubt your fire

Keep going, you’re going to thrive

Don’t ever stop, you’ll have a better life (more…)

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