Germany sees total confirmed coronavirus cases surpass the 1 million mark

RKI reports another 22,806 new cases today, bringing the total confirmed number of coronavirus cases across the country to 1,006,394

For some context, Germany only saw total confirmed cases touch 500,000 at the end of October so the next 500,000 to reach the 1,000,000 mark came in the last 27 days. There are currently nearly 300,000 reported active cases across the country.
Adding to that, there were 426 deaths reported in the last 24 hours and that makes this the deadliest day of the pandemic. Total deaths now stand at 15,586 persons.
In terms of healthcare capacity, there were 3,826 (+45) coronavirus patients requiring intensive care as of yesterday with 5,575 (20%) intensive care beds still available.
Compared to two weeks ago, that figure was 3,186 coronavirus patients requiring intensive care with 6,587 (23%) intensive care beds still available across the country.
In case you missed it, German chancellor Merkel and state premiers did agree on extending ‘lockdown light’ to 20 December but also agreed on a few new restrictions as well:

Trump says COVID-19 vaccine delivery to begin next week

Treat what this guy says with a large grain of salt.

Says a coronavirus vaccine will be initially sent to front-line workers, medical personnel and seniors.

  • will be going to US state of Georgia, possibly on Saturday (intending to campaign for the Republican candidates in the Senate run-off election)
  • Trump says  “its going to be a very hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud”
  •  says if the Electoral College votes for Biden it would be a mistake, but says he will leave the White House if it does … “Certainly I will”

Germany reports 22,268 new coronavirus cases in latest update today

Another 389 deaths reported as well, taking the tally over the past three days to over 1,000 persons

The figures so far this week are similar to that over the past two to three weeks, so there is little sign that the virus situation is abating. And the rise in the death count is not exactly good news with the two worst days of the pandemic now seen back-to-back.
However, at least for now, the daily case count is still somewhat plateauing.
In terms of healthcare capacity, there were 3,781 (+11) virus patients requiring intensive care as of yesterday with there still being 5,775 (21%) intensive care units available.
As for the government reaction to all of this, we already saw an announcement yesterday to extend ‘lockdown light’ until 20 December.

Analyst who questioned AstraZeneca vaccine lays out his case

SVB Leerink’s Geoffrey Porges speaks on Bloomberg TV

SVB Leerink's Geoffrey Porges speaks on Bloomberg TV
Porges was in the news today because he questioned AstraZeneca’s vaccine news today, saying that the company embellished the data and that it will never be approved in the US.
“It wasn’t particularly clear what the efficacy was… then they changed the dose, partway through because of a manufacturing problem and serendipitously that created a much better outcome in a small sample.”
He said you can’t draw too many conclusions from 2700 test patients, it’s a small sample.
He highlighted how the spike protein via a primate vector and that could be
“I’m going to be signing up for the 90%, not the one that’s 70%, maybe 60%, maybe 90%,” he said.
Executives said they will publish the full data set later in the week.
Porges said he wants to see the full safety database, data on showing whether there are adverse events and whether it helps prevent severe cases.
His report hurt the shares of AstraZeneca earlier today and still remain about 2% lower.

US coronavirus – LA County has banned all in-person dining at restaurants

Restrictions in the US continue to ramp up.

This the latest from California, to take effect from Wednesday this week. In response to the continued acceleration in new COVID-19 cases.
The US is seeing a surge of travel ahead of Thanksgiving as families and friends get together. The UK will be relaxing restrictions over Christmas for a similar sort of celebration. It is terribly difficult trying to get a balance between restricting the spread of the virus and restricting people’s movement.

US hits a record daily high for COVID-19 cases: 185,000 new infections Thursday

Reuters tallying up Thursday’s results, the highest single-day increase since the pandemic started.

Hospitals are already under severe strain, some at capacity. healthcare workers are overwhelmed. Adding in 185k new cases a day only stuffs the pipeline of admissions (and deaths) further and further. Its going to be a cold and bitter winter coming up in the US.

Reuters tallying up Thursday's results, the highest single-day increase since the pandemic started.

WHO recommends against use of Remdesivir

World Health Organisation says Gilead’s drug remdesivir is not recommended for patients hospitalised with COVID-19

  • regardless of how ill they are
  • there is no evidence it improves survival or reduces the need for ventilation

UK and Italy virus case count numbers rise

Numbers tick higher today but plateau continues

The latest UK and Italian virus numbers are higher than yesterday but the overall trend remains towards a plateau.
Italian reports 36,176 new cases and 653 deaths. On Nov 13, Italy reported a record 40,902 cases and they’ve been around 35K throughout this month. There are early signs of turn lower but this is the part of the week where we usually see an uptick.
In the UK, cases rose 22,915 compared to 19,905 yesterday. There were 501 deaths with 529 yesterday. It’s a similar story in the UK. Despite the uptick, there are clear signs of a plateau. Hopefully we will be seeing signs of turn lower very soon because we’re now weeks into the new set of restrictions.
Numbers tick higher today but plateau continues