The Easiest Daytrade To Make

ss-7853536-potOfGold Essentially there are 3 timeframes to trade when it comes to “daytrades”:

1) the open

2) the close

3) and everything else in between

As you know by now, #3 is really the toughest to trade. It is the lowest probability trade of the three types, and your stops frequently get hit. Frequently, even if we get the direction right it is not very profitable because we get whipsawed like crazy. However, this is where many trades can be made, so the scalps do add up to a good chunk if you know what you’re doing.

So those who had joined us and getting Intraday calls-ofcourse having upperhand and minting money. Continue reading »

A Successful Life

In his book, “A Strategy for Daily Living,” trading expert Dr. Ari Kiev notes, “A successful life does not result from chance, fate, or good fortune, but from a succession of successful days lived in pursuit of a worthy pursuit.” Dr. Kiev points out that you can work toward your goal every day, day after day, and eventually even the most elusive goal can be achieved. Perhaps you will make more progress on some days than others, but what is most important is that you never give up and spend every day working toward your goal.

A Trader’s Poem

The recursive paradox of self-determination or: If you lack the skills to trade, then trade to acquire the skills you lack

I ask for strength,

trading presents obstacles to make me strong;

I ask for wisdom,

trading provokes my critical thoughts;

I ask for courage,

trading challenges me with it’s risk and uncertainty;

I ask for patience,

trading puts me in situations where I am forced to wait;

I ask for discipline,

trading tests my resolve and determination;

I ask for prosperity,

trading gives me the opportunity to profit;

I may not get everything I ask for,

yet, trading gives me everything I need.

Fast Money on Both Sides is Double Whammy, Double Bonanza, Double Hit, Double Edged…… Whatever adjectives you may say…. We are accustomed to be accurate on Downside and Upside, intra-day or for swings.  Today too we have exactly hit 4062 in global panic and in reversal we have already hit our preliminary up-target 5070 and heading to 5090, 5110. This too is happening only to Indians. Mera Bharat Mahan.

-Above are the Two Intraday  messages sent to our Subscribers.


*Above 4978,My Target for NF was 5029-5045 & then 5090-5106 level.(U know it kissed 5075 level )

*Bank NF :Above 9334,My Target was 9443-9479 & then will kiss 9588-9624 level.

One JOKER had commented that little experience and little knowledge of  chart…and anybody can predict.(I had not written any where about Art or Science of Technical Analysis )

15 Years back only 2-3-4 persons were writing about Technical Analysis.10 year back just 10-12 people were analysing on basis of chart in India.And now every 2nd person knows chart/levels and every thing….but see….How many are Successful as an Analyst /Trader.

Technically Yours

Anirudh Sethi/Baroda