Shirpur Gold :Traders just watch 250.25 level

In just 10 weeks from 137 to 249 level.

From last 10 days ,Every 2nd person is talking and writing about this stock.

-Market Rumours are :Refinery to start in week’s time

-Zee Group holds 72%.

-Monthly target 375+ June target 700 and 2 year target 3000+

(If this is way to predict /Forecast then nobody will remain poor in India )

-It means people should sell their Gold holding and should buy this stock ?

Now ,Let’s see -What chart indicates ?

-Above is the Monthly chart .

-Triangle was broken last week.

-Triangle Target Rs.290

Weekly/Monthly chart indicates :Three Consecutive close above 221 will take to 291-314 level.

-Thursday was first day it closed above 221.

Thirty Traders ,On Thursday it closed at  234 level.Now just watch 250.25 level.

-Crossover with volumes will take to 266-271-287-292 level in hrs only.

Trade with open eyes and always remember levels.

Updated at 6:10/05th April/Baroda

Jack Schwager Winning Methods of the Market Wizard

Part 1- Trade your personality, systems that do not fit the person fail, have a plan, and be dedicated


Part 2- No easy money, short term success is 50/50, good trading is effortless, and know where you are wrong.


Part 3- Time frame matters, important to be confidence, losing is part of the game, and lack of loyalty.

Part 4- Staying away from comfort and must love the game.

Instead of Watching Jokers on Blue Channels and Watch TV Serials and Movies ,Cricket Match….Watch these 4 videos and learn something !

Updated at 11:36/4th July/Baroda

Trading in Zone -Not Trading in the Zone :Points

Trading in the ZOne

Positive and Focus

Accepting a loss positively

Confident without doubt

Trade as planned

Waiting the trade to come (setup )

Trading cold as ice

Not Trading in the Zone 

Negative feeling and not fully focus

Accepting a loss negatively

Doubt so much of his own analysis and rely on 3rd party analysis

over excited and over trading after a winning streak

Impulsive trading , jumping into the gun , chasing it

Emotionally attached trade causing the above reaction.