MCX Crude :Update

Last close Rs.3460

Laxman Rekha at 3548.

Crossover/Close above this level will take to 3688-3735 level.

Support exist at 3444-3426 level.

Once breaks and closes below 3426 level….Watch panic upto 3373-3355 level.

Do u want to know Trend of any Metal /Commodity ..just send me

Updated at 20:36/29th May/Baroda

Stephen Hawking: Humanity Won’t Survive Another 1000 Years on Earth

 Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking says that humanity won’t make it through the next 1,000 years unless we find a way to leave Earth.

 “We must continue to go into space for the future of humanity,” Mr. Hawking told an audience at the Sydney Opera House, where he appeared virtually, in holographic form. “I don’t think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet.”

Hawking was filmed in his office at the University of Cambridge, in the UK, and the footage was sent via San Jose for processing then on to Australia to create his image on stage.

“He’s worried about the future of the human race. You know, he thinks that human beings are, I suppose naturally aggressive,” said Professor John Webb, the director of the lecture series at the University of New South Wales that made Hawkings talk possible.

“That may have been useful at some point in the early history of humanity enabling us to find food and get a partner and things like that, but he thinks that aggression that remains with us today is now the thing that could well end up destroying us.”

“I think he’s put a time on it to make us realise we’ve got to take better control of what we’re doing.”

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Panasonic develops tomato-picking robot

Panasonic has developed a robot to harvest tomatoes, starting field tests with an eye toward eventual commercialization.

     A miniature camera that captures more than 70,000 pixels is combined with an image sensor to identify ripe tomatoes by color. The robot picks them by the stem to avoid bruising and can work at times when humans are unavailable, such as at night.

      When a basket fills up, the robot is notified wirelessly and automatically replaces it with an empty one. Yield and quality can be managed through data. The prototype can pick one tomato every 20 seconds or so, but Panasonic seeks to slash this to six seconds with improved sensors.

     Panasonic has been applying its sensors and other technologies in the agricultural sector. It is making the jump to robotic farming at a time when Japanese farmers face a graying and shrinking workforce. The company is also considering using the machines at its own plant factories.