Its that time again. Earnings season starts up next week.

Banks traditionally get the ball rolling

Believe it or not, the earnings season is starting up next week. It seems like only yesterday. The fact is, the bulk of earnings are spread out over a month or so and then you have other key releases that are outside of that window.  Nevertheless, it does not seem long ago that the markets were concerned about what banks, tech, big industry earnings might be.
So what are some of the major releases next week (and going forward – Subject to change)?
* denotes before the market open


Tuesday, April 13
  • Charles Schwab Corp*
Wednesday, April 14
  • JP Morgan*
  • Wells Fargo*
  • Goldman Sachs*
  • First Republic Bank*
  • Bed Bath and Beyond*
Thursday, April 15
  • Alcoa,
  • Delta Air Lines*
  • Rite Aid Corp*
  • Bank of America*
  • BlackRock*
  • JB Hunt Transport Services
  • US Bancorp*
  • Citigroup*
  • UnitedHealth Group*
  • PPG Industries
  • PepsiCo*
Friday, April 16
  • Bank of NY Mellon*
  • State Street Corp*
  • PNC Financial Services Group*
  • Morgan Stanley*
A look ahead to the week starting April 19 (subject to change)
Monday, April 19
  • United Airlines
  • IBM
  • Coca Cola*
  • Emerson Electric*
  • Zion Bancorporation
Tuesday, April 20
  • Abbott Laboratories*
  • Biogen Inc*
  • Interactive Brokers Group
  • Lockheed Martin*
  • Northern Trust*
  • Travelers*
  • P&G*
  • Comerica*
  • CSX
  • intuitive Surgical
  • Kinder Morgan
  • Netflix
  • Phillip Morris*
  • J&J*

Wednesday, April 21

  • Bakers Hughes
  • Whirlpool
  • Haliburton*
  • Verizon Communications
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill

Thursday, April 22

  • American Airlines*
  • Southwest Airlines*
  • AT&T*
  • Blackstone Group*
  • Intel
  • Dow*
  • DR Horton*
  • Freeport McMoRan*
Friday, April 23
  • American Express,*
  • Kimberly Clark*
  • Schlumberger
What about some of the big cap growth stocks (subject to change)
  • Alphabet, April 26
  • AMD, April 26
  • Starbuck, April 27
  • Microsoft, April 27
  • Tesla, April 27
  • Amazon, April 28
  • Apple, April 28
  • Boeing, April 28
  • eBay, April 28
  • Facebook, April 28
  • Shopify, April 28
  • Spotify, April 28
  • Twitter, April 29
  • PayPal, May 4
  • Uber, May 5
    Walt Disney, May 13

Common Advice is Ineffective

“Plan the trade, and trade the plan!” is perhaps the most common advice given to traders. As far as advice goes, it’s well meaning, but unfortunately falls well short of addressing the problem most traders actually face.

Looking at the advice, it has two parts. The first part says you need a plan. No argument there. But the second part, about executing the plan, that’s when the problems arise. Why?

The two parts to the advice, ‘plan the trade’ and the ‘trade the plan’, involve two very different skill sets. Without understanding the different skills required, it’s highly likely that you will continue to regularly veer from your plan.

Here’s the disconnect. Planning the trade depends on your intellect (prefrontal cortex, the area directly behind your forehead) And most of the time, the development of the plan does not occur in the heat of battle.

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