“Man is Born Unarmed, Mind is his only Weapon to Conquer”

As inspirational speaker Stephen Covey enumerates in his world’s best Seller: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Everything in this world is created Twice – First in the Mind and then on the field. My forecasting the markets too is the same.

From the modest resources but strict disciplined traditional Indian family environment, my Academic endeavours in the field of Mathematics & Finance have always grilled the head to know what will happen for financial markets well in advance. If Y2K problem eruption and its solution by Indians was forecasted by the all time great Indian Mathematician Bhaskaracharya many centuries ago (The reminiscences were found in the excavations in PALI Language Scripts), I was always fascinated to find out why these prices of various products traded in Exchanges cant be known in advance!!!!

After a 5 year study, my first market forecasting steps were put forth since 1992 by predicting Stock Market movements in India. The environment to forecast at that time was very very inconducive. Indian Stock Markets were run like fiefdoms by a handful of people. But my journey was to forecast forthcoming prices precisely despite, not without, hurdles. The other bad side of the coin was the lack of data at the basic level and worse was the absence of Computing Tools. But my will to win was never at rest. I look back to the Graph sheets that I have preserved of my early days with the same respect and pride that anyone looks at the family legacy.

I discovered that a lot of study was done by eminent men in the US, Europe and outside India and all the work was authentically published and put into usage by several traders. In India the noun TRADER is very wrongly translated into ugly colloquial SATODIA. But in most western mature markets Traders are highly respected for their mind-work and they are gloriously honoured. There are institutes run by most successful Traders parting their life-time ether. Many Universities also impart these forecasting Techniques and when combined with Human emotions, the Behavioural Finance faculty got evolved. After Marketing, the highest number of books are published on Behavioural Finance.

After my work got recognised in early 90’s, I was giving weekly forecast for Indian Stock Markets in renowned Indian business daily, BUSINESS STANDARD on every Mondays from 1997 to 2001. This brought national exposure to my work and with the advent of Internet from 2001, my daily trading Strategy under the title STOCK MARKET NAVIGATOR flooded India and off-shores. Several people used to subscribe my paid services for Index and Stock Prompts through SMS and my Phones and Inbox were over-flowing. To bring my popular work accessible to remote Indian areas, I was publishing the gist of my daily trading Strategy in Business-Standard and Financial-Express till 2007.

Sadly SEBI misinterpreted my work as Portfolio Management since my services involved a minimal cost, which was only to cover the amount of work rather than profiting from it. The restriction of SEBI isolating me alone is still being dealt by my Solicitors. I urged SEBI to open an avenue to Register Technical Analysts for weeding out the sundries and bring respect to the price-forecasting system which is so close to my heart. Though it’s a singled-out undemocratic order by SEBI, as a responsible citizen, I have taken legal pursuit. I am sure that Indian Regulators learn to respect the genuine Technical Analysts the same way that Indian public does. Dubious many may be, but if there is no need for Technical Ananlysts, then why there are so many offerings in all leading Indian Dailies? Why all business channels and Commercial dailies telecast technical views day in and day out?

The present endeavour is an answer to several million mails and calls that I have been receiving for couple of years to find my views of the market dynamics. So I thought I shall forecast the indices of International Markets and extend my work to Commodities, Currencies, Crude, Gold and so many other things. Wish my work appreciators will show the same compassion and be benefited by my sincere efforts.

My respects to one and all: From Elliot to Gann, from Jesse Levermoor to Warren Buffet, and to many not so popular but brilliant contributors to the Science of Behavioural Finance, to which Technical Analysis belongs to. I wish many Indians also will join the list of world respected Technical Traders and prove we too are no less. After all Artha Shastra is proudly ours, and its forever.

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