Positive mindset and Negative mindset in trading –#AnirudhSethi

Positive mindset in trading:

  1. Belief in oneself: A positive mindset in trading is characterized by a belief in oneself and one’s trading strategy. This belief can help traders stay focused and committed to their trading plan, even during difficult market conditions.
  2. Patience and discipline: Traders with a positive mindset understand that trading is a long-term game, and they are patient and disciplined in their approach. They do not get discouraged by short-term losses and are willing to stick with their strategy through ups and downs.
  3. Adaptability: A positive mindset in trading is also characterized by adaptability. Traders with a positive mindset are willing to learn and adjust their approach as market conditions change.
  4. Focus on process over outcome: Traders with a positive mindset focus on the process of trading rather than the outcome. They understand that there will be both winning and losing trades, and they focus on executing their strategy consistently.
  5. Gratitude: Traders with a positive mindset also practice gratitude. They are thankful for their successes and for the opportunities that the market provides. This gratitude helps them maintain a positive outlook, even during difficult times.

Negative mindset in trading:

  1. Fear: Traders with a negative mindset are often motivated by fear. They are afraid of losing money and may make decisions based on that fear rather than on their trading plan.
  2. Impatience: Traders with a negative mindset may lack patience and discipline. They may jump into trades without proper analysis or exit trades too quickly.
  3. Rigidity: Traders with a negative mindset may also be too rigid in their approach. They may be resistant to change or unwilling to adjust their strategy as market conditions change.
  4. Focus on outcome over process: Traders with a negative mindset may be too focused on the outcome of their trades rather than on the process. They may be overly concerned with making a profit and may take unnecessary risks in pursuit of that goal.
  5. Blaming external factors: Traders with a negative mindset may also blame external factors for their losses. They may blame the market, their broker, or other traders rather than taking responsibility for their own decisions. This can lead to a victim mentality and a lack of personal accountability.

Some quick points, to be making money, Profit Factor must be greater than 1.

The Profit Factor must be larger than for business to be profitable.


Average win number of wins) Average loss number of losses (1-w) where Average win Average loss win rate, i.e. number of winners relative to total number of trades


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The formula for is: PF (PF R) while the formula for is: PF (1 – w) w.


table illustrating the minimal needed to achieve financial neutrality (PF 1, assuming no transaction expenses) at various win rates.


When 90%, 0.11, when 80%, 0.25, when 70%, 0.43, when 60%, 0.11. 
0.67 \sw 50% >> 
1 \sw 40% >> 
1.5 \sw 30% >> 
2.33 \sw 20% >> 
4 \sw 10% >> 
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