Human Brain and Trading – #AnirudhSethi

Human brains are hotter than thought, particularly women's: Study - The  StatesmanIf you want to be a successful trader, then you must understand the human brain and how it works. Trading psychology plays an integral role in successful trading, as it’s all about understanding what triggers our trading decisions, and how to identify and manage our emotions.


The trick is to become aware of your own thoughts and feelings when trading. Even though trading is all about numbers and calculations, the human element can never be ignored. If you don’t understand yourself and your emotions when it comes to trading, then it will be impossible for you to accurately gage the market.


So take some time to observe your own behavior while trading. Notice what thoughts or feelings drive you to make certain decisions, and learn how to control those impulses that can lead you down the wrong path. With practice, you can train yourself to remain cool and collected while making trades – even when there’s a lot of money at stake!

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