“Everything In Life is a Trade”

Everything in life is a trade-off. Should I buy insurance for my house?

Should I invite my crazy aunt over for dinner?

Everything is an exchange.

This could involve the conventional trade of money but also of time, social credit, and personal utility.

Understanding the trade-offs in your personal day to day life is important.

It also provides a strong mindset to understand trading in the stock market.

UK news – millions of low income households to receive 900GBP cost of living payment

The UK Department For Work And Pensions with the announcement that

  • millions of low-income households to get new cost of living payments from Spring 2023
  • £900 cost of living payment
  • direct to bank accounts
  • three payments over FY2023

There may be questions raised in financial markets about the impact on inflation of what is, in effect, a fiscal boost. But folks gotta eat and warm their homes.

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