Just some supplementary Covid measures being announced from China today it seems

It isn’t much as the NHC just released some supplementary guidelines as noted below:

Just be wary though, that the Hong Kong and Macau governments are expected to introduce easing of Covid measures in the coming hour as well. It is expected that Hong Kong may end the outdoor mask rule and relax testing requirements. The Hang Seng is up over 3% on the day after yesterday’s late fall.

BOE set to raise bank rate by 50 bps next week – Reuters poll

  • 52 of 54 economists said BOE will raise bank rate by 50 bps next week
  • Only 2 economists expect a 75 bps rate hike next week
  • Median chance of 85% that UK economy headed towards a recession within a year
  • Majority of respondents see the recession as one that would be long and shallow
  • The median for the bank rate peak is seen at 4.25%, forecasts ranged between 3.50% and 4.75%

This will follow the 75 bps rate hike in November here. In commenting on the forecasts above, HSBC says that:

“We think it will be a 50 bps rise, taking the bank rate to 3.50%, with risks weighted towards a larger 75 bps move, rather than a smaller 25 bps one.”

Develop a Winning Attitude -#AnirudhSethi

To Achieve Great Results, You Need a Winning Attitude! | by Jeannette  Seibly | ILLUMINATION | MediumBuilding up run of successful trades will do wonders for your confidence. 
Being in the zone is phenomenal experience. 
It’s as if you and the market are one and the same, and the cash just keeps coming.
You can’t expect to succeed in the market without adopting positive frame of mind. 
This doesn’t imply you go into negotiations with the belief that you’re always right, but rather that you’re prepared to settle for whatever the market will give you. 
In addition, your optimistic outlook makes you more open to such possibilities.
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