Trading is not brain surgery —#AnirudhSethi

Engaging in the buying and selling of goods and services doesn’t require the same level of precision as performing a delicate medical procedure.

Edge-based strategies involve taking calculated risks to yield the highest possible rewards, while employing discipline to ensure that these risks are managed appropriately. Every decision should be made with an eye to the potential consequences and the potential rewards. This approach requires an understanding of the associated risks and the ability to stay focused and disciplined to ensure success.

Perform the same action again and again; repeating the same process over and over.

Discipline creates habits. Habits create consistency. Consistency creates results. -#AnirudhSethi

The act of following a set of rules on a regular basis creates behaviors that become routine. It is through this process of consistent monitoring and practice that habits are formed. For example, when a person wakes up each morning and goes to the gym, the practice of this behavior is what leads to the habit of working out regularly. The same goes for studying, eating healthy, or any other action that is done with regularity. Discipline is the key to forming and maintaining habits.

Adopting a steady routine of behavior helps to make life more predictable and dependable. Instead of having to constantly decide what to do next, forming habits allows us to sail through our days with less effort and stress. Establishing a pattern of behavior makes it so that we can take care of our needs almost automatically and free up our energy for other tasks. This can be especially helpful for those who may struggle with focus and attention, as having a set plan can give a sense of security and structure. Taking the time to form positive habits can ensure that our days are full of productivity, contentment, and peace.

Adhering to a steady and disciplined approach will inevitably lead to positive outcomes.

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