Trump files statement he will be running for President in 2024

Former US President Trump is at his Mar-a-Lago resort Wednesday evening.

This was widely expected. Trump still has a broad swathe of popular support and an enormous amount of influence over his Republican Party, although the poor performance in the mid-term elections has diminished it a little. While the Republicans have taken the majority in the House it is by a much slimmer margin than was expected. The Dems still hold the Senate, against expectations of a Republican majority.

Much of the chatter surrounding Trump wanting to run again is that he believes an indictment is coming and he’ll be in a better position to fight that if he’s a presidential candidate. Plenty of folks dispute this.

trump 2024 16 November 2022

Biden says preliminary intelligence contests missile that hit Poland was fired from Russia

US President Biden speaking.

  • Says he briefed NATO, G7 members on his talks with Poland
  • Leaders have agreed to support investing to figure out exactly what happened
  • Leaders will then determine next steps after finding out what ahppened
  • Russia continues to escalate its attacks in Ukraine
  • There is preliminary information that contests whether Poland incident was due to a missile fired from Russia
  • Based on the trajectory its unlikely the missile was fired from Russia
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