US major indices close higher. Gains led by the Dow 30 (again)

The major US indices are closing higher for the 2nd consecutive trading day. The gains are being led by the Dow 30, also for the 2nd consecutive day.

Within the Dow, the top 5 gainers were:

  • Walgreens, 4.05%
  • Salesforce 3.46%
  • Boeing 3.03%
  • Amgen 3.01%
  • Microsoft 2.96%

There were 3 Dow stocks which ended negative on the day

  • Nike -2.51%
  • 3M -0.14%
  • Verizon -0.11%

The gains in the major indices come despite a rise in the short term rates including the 2 year yield which is up about 7 basis points.

Although the yields are higher, the US dollar is moving lower and that help the stock tone today.

The greenback fell sharply vs the GBP (-1.23%), the EUR (-0.60%) and the CHF (-0.47%). The dollar was only up vs the greenback CAD.

Election day tomorrow the US which traders may be thinking the results may be good for stocks. Adam thinks that may not be the case (click here).

The final numbers are showing:

  • Dow industrial average up 423.59 points or 1.31% at 32827101
  • S&P index up 36.33 points or 0.96% at 3806.88
  • NASDAQ index +89.28 points or 0.85% at 10564.53
  • Russell 2000 9.943 points or 0.55% at 1809.809
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