AAPL say the rising USD will smash into revenue (Dec Q revenue to drop under Sep Q)

Apple conference call on the super-strong USD :

  • “nearly 10 percentage points of negative year over year impact from foreign exchange”
  • “we believe total company year-over-year revenue performance will decelerate during the December quarter as compared to the September quarter”
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When Apple sells a product offshore from the US (say, in China, for example) the customer pays in his or her local currency (yuan, for example), and this buys fewer USD when AAPL brings it home, hence revenue is lower in USD terms than otherwise (hedges notwithstanding etc.)

Russia warns West: We can target your commercial satellites

  • A senior Russian foreign ministry official said that commercial satellites from the United States and its allies could become legitimate targets for Russia if they were involved in the war in Ukraine.

Elon Musk currently provides internet service to Ukraine, where Russia is waging a war of invasion, via his Starlink satellite service.

More at that link above if you are interested.

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