Chinese authorities are eyeing capital controls – concern on flows of funds offshore

A bit of market scuttlebutt/gossip at this stage – China is concerned about capital moving offshore.

With rates rising rapidly in Canada, and the same to come very soon again from the Fed, RBA, and many others, there will be a temptation for yuan holders to seek higher returns elsewhere. China is maintaining low interest ratees as the economy tries to find its feet again after ongoing lockdowns. And there is no guarantee there are not more lockdowns to come given the country’s commitment to its zero policy on coronavirus.

Chinese authorities may be eyeing the flows out of yen:

usdyen 14 July 2022 chart 444

PBOC monetary policy is nothing like the BOJ, of course. But still, yuan could do a bot of a cathc-down to yen, no?

usdcnh 14 July 2022
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