5 Ways U can become Consistent Day Trader

Number 5 PNG images, 5 Clipart images Free Download - Free Transparent PNG  Logos1. Control your impulses One of the best ways to stay consistent is to not take any random trade you want just because you’re bored. Plan your trades and wait patiently for them. If they don’t happen, theres always tomorrow. Limit your unnecessary losses.

2. Don’t size up too fast Sizing up too quickly after a few good days is usually a recipe for disaster. Be patient with this and honestly take it as slow as possible. Its the best way to allow your emotions to adjust to seeing bigger numbers.

3. Let profits run Many traders cut green trades too fast, because theyre scared for it to turn red again. Results in SMALL wins. If youre in a good trade, scale some out to secure profit but let the trade play out.

4. Cut your losses Dont baghold red trades hoping for them to turn back green. Results in BIG losses most of the time. Cut trades where you plan to cut them, chances of profitability in the long run are much higher than if you constantly hold losing positions.

5. Trade the same setups. My best tip for consistency is to trade the same setup day in and day out. This way you learn this setup like the back of your hand and will be able to spot and trade it with no hesitation. Redundancy = consistency.

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