BOJ monetary policy is expected to remain on hold – decision today

There is no firmly scheduled time for the BOj statement. It is reasonable to expect it in the 0230 to 0330 GMT time slot.


traders are on edge awaiting similar from the Bank of Japan. The SNB is an example of NEVER ruling anything out in markets (and watch out for overconfidence in making predictions). Having said that I’d be urging you not to hold your breath waiting for a 50bp rate hike from the Bank of Japan.

All of the above I have posted earlier. Adding in a couple of snippets now:


  • The Bank of Japan June meeting is expected to come and go with no change to short or long-term rate targets but dislocation in JGB markets, ramped-up efforts to defend the yield curve target and increasing commentary on the weaker yen make it a more interesting meeting than usual.
  • The BoJ is facing a weaker yen and headline inflation above its 2% target for the first time in 7 years, but the rise is driven by fuel and food, and policymakers have signalled they are waiting for wage gains sufficient to sustain at target inflation.

Société Générale

  • We expect the BoJ to maintain its main monetary policy.
  • Going forward, our main scenario is for the USD/JPY rate to stop exceeding 130 yen and for the core CPI to continue to be greater than 2.5% YoY. Therefore, we expect the BoJ to maintain its current policies – at least under Governor Kuroda.
Kuroda surprise meme
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