Russia’s Putin: US decision to print money led to increase in global food prices

Russia’s Putin is speaking and says:

  • we see attempts to blame Russia for problems on global food market
  • US decision to print money led to increasing global food prices
  • unfavorable situation on global food market is linked to shortsighted policy of Europe in energy
  • at the same time they diminished significance of hydrocarbons
  • some European countries did not keep long-term contracts for shipments of Russia natural gas
  • increased fertilizer prices have nothing to do with the Russia’s military operation in Ukraine
  • our partners made a lot of mistakes and are now looking for a scapegoat
  • situation will worsen due to sanctions on our fertilizers
  • reports that Russia does not allow grain exports from Ukraine towards are a bluff
  • our estimates show that Ukraine could export 5 million tons of wheat and 7 million tons of corn
  • Russia will increase its grain export to 50 million tons
  • We are not blocking exports of grain from Ukraine
  • Ukraine can export grain from ports it control such as Odessa
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