Nasdaq erases declines. Closes marginally higher. Dow and S&P close lower

  • Nasdaq erases a decline of -2.25%. The Dow was down as much at 605 points at the session lows

Well.. the Nasdaq closed higher.

After trading down as much at -255.47 points or -2.25% at session lows, the Nasdaq rallied into the close and eked out a gain of 6.72 points or 0.06%.

The Dow and S&P could not make it back into positive territory but erased large declines.

  • The Dow industrial average was down -605.89 points or -1.9% at its session lows
  • S&P was down -76.38 points or -1.94% at its lows

The final numbers are showing:

  • Dow industrial average -103.83 points or -0.33% at 31730.29
  • S&P index -5.10 points or -0.13% at 3930.09
  • NASDAQ index up 6.72 points or 0.06% at 11370.95
  • Russell 2000+21.23 points or 1.24% at 1739.38

The major indices are still lower for the week and working on their 6 consecutive weekly decline for the S&P and NASDAQ (with one more day of trading). The Dow is on pace for its 7th consecutive week decline.

From the all-time highs:

  • Dow closed down -14.13% after trading as low as -15.49%
  • S&P index closed down 18.44% after trading as low as -19.92%
  • NASDAQ index closed down -29.86% after trading as low as -31.48%
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