US stocks get slaughtered. NASDAQ down over 500 points on the day

The major US stock  indices  are down sharply for the second time in three trading sessions. The Dow industrial average fell nearly 1000 points two days ago and is down by another 800 points today. The NASDAQ index has shed over 500 points or -3.95%. Ouch.

Microsoft and Alphabet the earnings after the close

A look at the final numbers shows:

  • Dow fell -810 points or -2.38% at 33239/46
  • S&P fell -120.95 points or -2.82% at 4175.18
  •  Nasdaq  fell -514.1 points or -3.95% at 12490.74
  • Russell 2000 fell -63.72 points or -3.26% at 1890.47
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