More from Fed’s Bullard. He says there will be no recession.

Earlier comments from Bullard are here:

  • Fed’s Bullard says inflation is far too high, the Fed has a good plan in place

More now:

  • don’t think unemployment will rise, could even fall further, as fed hikes rates
  • still expect unemployment fall below 3% this year
  • rate hikes will bring inflation expectations down, lowering inflation without hurting labor market
  • we can bring inflation under control without going into recession
  • it might be reasonable if housing market cools off a bit
  • war in Ukraine will have a meaningful impact on Europe’s economy, but less on North America

Major US indices close modestly lower to start the trading week

The major US stock indices are closing with modest losses in an up and down session. The final numbers are showing:

  • Dow industrial average -39.56 points or -0.11% at 34411.68
  • S&P index fell -0.9 points or -0.02% at 4391.70
  • NASDAQ index -18.71 points or -0.14% 13332.37
  • Russell 2000-14.84 points or -0.74% at 1990.13

Looking at the ranges for the day:

  • Dow industrial average was up 0.48% at its highs and was down -0.5% is lows before closing down -0.11%
  • S&P index was up 0.41% at its highs and was down -0.52% it’s lows before closing near unchanged
  •  NASDAQ  index rose 0.47% it’s highs and was down -0.97% it’s lows before closing at -0.14%.
The changes and ranges for the major indices

Looking at the major sectors, the biggest gainers were:

  • energy rose 1.6%
  • financials rose 0.7%
  • technology rose 0.3%

On the downside the biggest losing sectors included:

  • healthcare fell -1.1%
  • consumer staples fell -0.8%
  • utilities fell -0.5%
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