European indices close higher for the third consecutive day

The major European indices are closing higher for the third consecutive day. The Spain’s Ibex may be the exception as it waffles up and down above and below unchanged.

The provisional closes are showing:

  • German DAX, +0.7%
  • France’s CAC, +0.9%
  • UK’s FTSE 100 +0.2%
  • Spain’s Ibex unchanged
  • Italy’s FTSE MIB, +0.7%

Looking around other markets as London/European traders look to exit:

  • Spot gold is up $10.30 or 0.56% $1824.30
  • Spot silver is up six cents or 0.3% $23.10
  • WTI crude oil is up $1.21 at $78.20
  • The price of bitcoin is trading fairly steady at $46,400

The US stock market continues to see rotation out of the tech sector and into the cyclical sector.

  • Dow industrial average is up 79.2 points or 0.21% at 36877.23. The Dow has closed at a record level for each of the first two sessions of the calendar year.
  • S&P index is down 10 points or -0.22% at 4783.13
  • NASDAQ index is down -148 points or -0.95% 15473.42. That is near the low for the day at 15471.53
  • Russell 2000 is down 8.5 points or -0.37% at 2260.28

In the US debt market, the yield curve is flatter today with the two year up while the 30 year is down marginally.

US yields
US yield curve

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Eurozone December final services PMI 53.1 vs 53.3 prelim

Euro area economic growth stumbled in December as the pandemic flares up, largely weighed down by Germany. The region’s biggest economy saw activity slump to its lowest in 18 months amid a surge of COVID-19 infections and tighter restrictions.

The downturn in the services sector is what stands out last month, with price pressures continuing to stay more elevated heading into the new year. On the latter, that reaffirms the notion that inflation is not likely to abate any time soon. Markit notes that:

“The accelerated expansion in output we saw in November unfortunately turned out to be brief. Amid a resurgence of COVID-19 infections across the euro area, growth slowed to the weakest since March in December. In Germany, where measures to combat COVID-19 have been more stringent than other monitored euro area countries, levels of economic activity broadly stagnated in December. Nonetheless, slower growth was seen across the board.

“The spread of the Omicron variant had a particularly profound impact on the services sector, reflecting renewed hesitancy among customers due to the novel strain of the virus. Looser travel restrictions in recent months had facilitated greater levels of tourism, which in turn provided additional support to the eurozone service sector. However, this was withdrawn in December as overseas demand declined for the first time since May.

“There was also little to cheer with regards to inflation. Although there was a marginal easing of price pressures, we’re still in excessively hot territory – increases in both input and output costs were the second-quickest on record.

“As euro area nations deal with the latest developments in the pandemic, it’s clear that risks to the economy are now greater as tighter restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 are more likely than they have been recently.”

EU PMI 12-2021
  • Bloomberg with the report that the world’s two biggest commodities indexes — the S&P GSCI Index and the Bloomberg Commodities Index — are due to ‘reset’, which will trigger selling of futures contracts.

Here is the link to the piece from Bloomberg, main point being:

S&P GSCI Index and the Bloomberg Commodities Index reset

  • For WTI, that means investments tracking both benchmarks could be ready to pull almost 60 million barrels worth of futures contracts from the market, according to Societe Generale estimates.
  • The dollar value of those flows is significant — the French bank estimated in November it would be the equivalent of about $4.6 billion. Citigroup Inc. expects about $3.1 billion of selling, according to a December report.

Something to keep top of mind is that these flows are widely known and it would be bizarre if some, if not all, has been hedged into prices already. the Citi note, for example, was published in December.

Still, a heads up.

Fear the global semiconductor chip shortage could get even worse – fire in key factory

Beginning with:

  • “At this point it is too early to make any statement on the damage or whether the incident will have any impact on the output plan for this year,” ASML said, adding that it would take several days to assess the damage and it would update markets as soon as it can.

So, not hitting panic buttons just yet.

ASML Holding has reported a fire at a manufacturing plant

  • ASML Holding is a Dutch company, the world’s largest supplier of photolithography systems and the only source of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines, which are more advanced. These devices are used to etch circuits onto silicon wafers and create computer chips used by Apple, IBM and Samsung.

A technology analyst:

  • “We’re entering 2022 with a lot of pent-up demand,” he says. “If the fire is severe and if ASML struggles to recover quickly, we might need to get used to a tough semiconductor supply situation for the next two years.”

More at Reuters here and even more at this link here.

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