Putin: Russia is prepared to help stabilise global energy market

Putin to the rescue

  • Russia is increasing gas exports to Europe
  • Russia is a dependable source of natural gas for Europe, Asia
  • Russia’s gas shipments to Europe might reach new highs

Energy prices are taking a plunge on the headlines as Russia steps in to help Europe with the energy crisis. Here’s a look at natty:

UK gas prices were quick to frontrun the announcement though, as they pared an advance of around 40% earlier to just 4% prior to the headlines crossing.
I reckon this will help to keep the calm in the market for a short while but we’ll see how things go once we get closer to winter. I don’t think the surge in energy prices is quite over yet and we’ll only get a better idea of that in the weeks ahead.
Oil is also dragged lower as a result with WTI now down 1% to around $78.
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