NASDAQ index cannot hold gains and closes lower for the fourth consecutive day

S&P and Dow industrial average closed higher

The NASDAQ index was up as much as 181.4 points or 0.89% at the session highs, but could not sustain the upside momentum and is closing lower for the fourth consecutive day.  The index is down over 5% for the month and on pace for its worst month since September 2020. The Dow Jones and S&P index did closes higher with the S&P snapping a two day losing streak, but each of the indices are well off their highs and nearer its lows for the day. Both the S&P and Dow industrial average are down over 3.0% on the month.

The final numbers are showing:
  • Dow Jones industrial average, +90.73 points or 0.26% at 34390.71
  • S&P index +6.81 points or 0.16% at 4359.45
  • NASDAQ index down 34.23 points or -0.24% at 14512.45
  • the Russell 2000 fell -4.47 points or -0.20% at 2225.31
Looking at the different sectors of the S&P, the winners included:
  • utilities, +1.29%
  • consumer staples, +0.87%
  • healthcare +0.77%
  • real estate +0.67%
on the losing side:
  • materials -0.3%
  • communication services -0.21%
  • technology -0.1%
  • energy -0.01%
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