Reminder – China’s markets reopen &its PBOC rate-setting day. HK is closed.

A summary of who’s in, who’s out and the days ahead.

Mainland China was closed on Monday and Tuesday for a holiday

  • Hong Kong was open while China was closed on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Hong Kong is closed today, Wednesday, for a holiday. 
In China today, at 0130 GMT The People’s Bank of China is setting its one-year and five-year loan prime rates. These have remained unchanged for 16 months. Market expectations are for no change
  • one-year loan prime rate 3.85%
  • five-year rate 4.65%
  • preview here
Japan was closed on Monday

  • Japan is closed on Thursday.
Confused? Hope that clears it all up.
As a bit of fun …
In Australia, Friday is a holiday in Melbourne (Australian markets will remain open).
The holiday is for a football final game. Which is being played the following day, Saturday. And its being played 3000kms away, on the other side of the country.
A summary of who's in, who's out and the days ahead. 
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