Trade Psychology #AnirudhSethi

  • Psychology and Trading - Market Talk | Alice Blue Blogs – Get Latest Stock  Market updates from Our Experts in Online Trading PlatformFocus on the NOW, don’t be caught up with regret over what you should or could have done with things past.
  • Do not revenge trade, e.g. keep putting on the same trend reversal trade which keeps failing. Once you catch yourself thinking that you need to make back the losses that you just incurred, stop yourself. Take a break, and even consider stopping trading for the day if you are not able reset your mental state.
  • Cultivate self-awareness of emotions, positively reframe your thoughts
  • Read a motivational piece, think of what you are grateful for
  • Smile, adjust your posture straight, stand, deep breathing, 5 secs in, 10 secs out.
  • If you look at life as something to be enjoyed, you take everything as it comes, then that’s the way your trading’s going to be. It’s going to be enjoyable, it’s going to be relaxing.
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