Japan PM Suga to resign

Reports in Japanese media say that Prime Minister Suga will step down

  • Will not run in the leadership ballot for his party this month.
Kyodo with the report, via Reuters .
Nikkei futures have popped on the news and USD/JPY is up around 10 points.  Yesterday a contender for the leadership, Kishida promised a broad swathe of fiscal support.
  • Suga to resign as PM on September 30.
  • Will spend his time until then focusing on measures to address the coronavirus pandemic and associated economic damage.
Anyway, so say the reports, we haven’t heard anything from Suga himself on this.
Suga was all-powerful as Chief Cabinet Secretary during former Prime Minister Abe’s terms in office. Suga’s time as PM has not been so successful for him.
Japan PM Suga to resign
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