Thursday’s Fed speakers and their biases – Williams is one to watch

Lots and lots

Hard to think of slower markets today.
Still looking for an explanation after the Fed’s latest hawkish dot plot shift then here are the Fed speakers up later today and there are a lot of them. The biases noted. Hopefully they will inject some life into things.
  • Barkin – neutral
  • Bostic – hawk
  • Harker – hawk
  • Williams – neutral
  • Bullard – hawk now
  • Kaplan – hawk
The one to watch will be Williams.  
Any sense in which the average targeted inflation has been ‘achieved’ or the Fed has moved on from that and that will be USD bullish. On June 22 Williams said that’ I don’t think it is close to the ‘substantial progress’ that we set out ‘to trigger taper’.
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