CFTC commitments of traders: EUR longs increased. CAD longs increase

Weekly futures forex positioning data from the CFTC

  • EUR long 109K vs 104K long last week. Longs increased by 5K
  • GBP long 24K vs 31K long last week. Longs trimmed by 7K
  • JPY short 47K vs 50K short last week. Shorts trimmed by 3K
  • CHF short 0K vs 1K short last week. Shorts trimmed by 1K
  • AUD short 2K vs 1K short last week. Shorts increased by 1K
  • NZD long 6K vs 8K long last week. Shorts trimmed by 2K
  • CAD long 49K vs 45K long last week. Longs increased by 4K


  • EUR longs remain the biggest position and moved further away from the 100K level with a 5K increase
  • CAD longs at 49K is the next largest long position
  • JPY is the only meaningful short position at -47K
  • GBP longs were trimmed as the pair approaches the midpoint of the trading range since 2014 near 1.4300.

US stocks end the week on a strong note

All major indices higher

All the major indices are closing the session with gains. The day was led by the NASDAQ index

  • NASDAQ has its best day since May 20
  • NASDAQ higher for the third straight week
  • S&P has its best day since May 24
  • Dow and S&P higher for the second straight week

A look at the closes shows:

  • S&P index rose 37.04 points or 0.88% at 4229.89. The high price reached 4233.45. That was just short of its all-time high of 4238.04
  • NASDAQ index rose 199.90 points or 1.47% at 13814.49. The high price reached 13826.82. The low extended to 13692.01
  • Dow industrial average rose 179.35 points or 0.52% at 34756.39. The high price reached 34772.12. The low price extended to 34618.69
  • Russell 2000 index closes up 7.16 points or +0.31% at 2286. It’s high price reached 2293.67. The low price extended to 2277.39
The biggest gain or of the Dow 30 was salesforce with a gain of 2.28%.
All major indices higher_
The biggest loser in the Dow 30 was Travelers at -0.63%.
Dow 30 losers
Outside of the Dow 30, below is a list of some of the other bigger winners for the day. Roblox which recently IPO would near the $70 level, traded above $100 this week.  Nvidia is cracking above the $700 level of the first time:
Other market winners
Losers today included the recent Meme gainers.  Blackberry fell -12.78%. AMC fell -6.53% and Gamestop fell -3.89% .
The market losers
For the trading week, the major indices all rose modestly:
  • S&P rose 0.69%
  • NASDAQ rose 0.57%
  • Dow rose 0.85%
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