10 Powerful Lessons From Who Will Cry When You Die


1. Perspective Once we switch the perspective, we realize that what we thought as a giant hurdle of our life is actually a little event that doesn’t matter that much when seen from a different point of reference “Our lives are mere blips on the canvas of eternity”

2. Journal Your Ideas Journaling includes writing lessons that you learn from every single day of your life. It also involves writing your reason for being and finding meaning in your daily life. It helps to boost your self-awareness

3. Be Honest Whenever you show dishonesty, you fuel this terrible habit, and due to it, your brain automatically urges you to lie more and more. Being dishonest also adversely affects how much you keep the promise with yourself

4. Embrace The Present In the race of accomplishing great things, we forget to respect what’s already in front of us. We don’t feel privileged for all the things we have. All we have is Now, embrace the present moment

5. Don’t Dwell In The Past People have setbacks and failures. So when they look back, they feel bad, and try to bury their failures as much as possible Instead of worrying and complaining about your past, you should see it as a feedback mechanism

6. Have A Morning Routine If you had to launch a rocket or missile, would you launch it at an incorrect angle? No. The same is the case with our day. We must launch our day with preparation. The more organized your morning is, the more organized your entire day will be

7. Practice Self-Talk Practicing self-talk also makes you more aware of your thoughts. You don’t need to push yourself and practice deliberate self-talk. You just have to be more conscious of it The words you speak to yourself change your mindset

8. Practice Silence Being in solitude cuts off outside noise and allows you to calm your inner turbulence Saying that you don’t have enough time to practice silence on a regular basis is a lot like saying that you are busy driving to stop for gas ~Robin Sharma

9. Be Kind To Strangers You can be great every single day of your life by showing compassion towards others. You can help people you find on the street or help a blind old lady cross the road. By doing these little acts of decency, you can live a more fulfilling life

0. Your Body Is A Temple Our consciousness lives inside our bodies That’s why we must give respect to our bodies by treating it as a temple But,we abuse our bodies by not giving it the exercise it needs. On top of that, we put in a lot of junk food So take care of your body