US Indices close mixed to end the 1st quarter

Dow industrial average has the strongest gain in Q1

The US stocks are closing mixed to end the 1st quarter. The NASDAQ index outperforms. The Dow industrial average fell modestly.

  • For the quarter, the Dow industrial average had the best performance. The NASDAQ was the laggard.
  • The Dow industrial average found sellers at the quarter end and closes at session lows
  • The Dow and S&P have the best month since November.
  • Nasdaq posts the 5th straight monthly gain
  • Nasdaq had its best day in 3 weeks
The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P up 14.41 points or 0.36% at 3972.90
  • Nasdaq up 201.47 or 1.54% at 13246.87
  • Dow fell -85.41 points or -0.26% at 32981.55
For the month:
  • Dow rose 6.62%
  • S&P rose 4.24%
  • Nasdaq rose 0.41%
For the 1st Quarter:
  • Dow rose 7.76%
  • S&P rose 5.77%
  • Nasdaq rose 2.78%
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