Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda talking again – global, Japan, economies showing signs of bottoming out

Kuroda speech, sticking to his script and not adding anything new or surprising.


  • global economy showing signs of hitting bottom, Japan’s economy showing similar signs
  • impact of covid-19 on Japan’s economy to persist for prolonged period
  • Japan’s economy to experience clear, positive growth in fiscal 2021
  • risks to Japan’s economy, prices skew to downside
  • BOJ will take additional easing steps without hesitation if needed
  • says YCC exerting intended effect on economy
  • BOJ must stem any sharp rise in interest rates, have made tools available to do so in March review
  • BOJ must keep entire yield curve stably low while impact of pandemic continues


  • says steps taken at March review allow boj to promote powerful monetary easing even further
  • while it is taking time, it’s possible to achieve BOJ’s 2% inflation target by maintaining easy policy



This one ….

 it’s possible to achieve BOJ’s 2% inflation target 
It is also possible I will have a dinner date with Gigi Hadid, and it may take time. But don’t go basing any trades on that, K?
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