More on concerns in the US that China could invade Taiwan in an accelerated timeline

The issue is gaining further attention in US media, this via Politico:
  • Top U.S. military officials are warning with increasing urgency that China could in the next few years invade Taiwan
  • It’s a timeline they say has been accelerated by the Trump administration’s repeated provocation of Beijing, China’s rapid military build-up, and recent indications that Taiwan could unilaterally declare its independence from the mainland.
  • “War over Taiwan would be unthinkable,” said Eric Sayers, a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. “A major challenge Washington faces is that Taiwan has been viewed by many as a 2035 planning problem. … The [Chinese army’s] capabilities have now matured to such a degree that this is no longer a dilemma we can afford to push off.”
Link to the article for more if you are interested.