Heads up: Fed speakers coming up later in the day

Fedspeak is going to be a hot topic in the market this week

Here’s the agenda for today:
1400 GMT – Fed’s Williams speaks at a virtual conference
The conference is hosted by the NY Fed and Williams will be delivering opening and closing remarks at the event. His opening speech is expected to be for 5 minutes only as the event will cover “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Culture”. Not quite the stage for specific policy remarks but just take note in any case.


1405 GMT – Fed’s Brainard delivers keynote address at an IIB event
Brainard will be speaking for about 30 minutes at the annual IIB conference, where the event will cover on “the most pressing issues facing the international banking community in the United States”. This doesn’t exactly fall in the realms of policy talk but given recent developments, she might make offer up a couple of remarks.
1900 GMT – Fed’s Bostic, Mester, Kashkari participates in a virtual event
There is a lot going on with this one as it involves different timings, but the event itself begins at 1900 GMT and will stretch on to 2100 GMT. Bostic, Mester, Kashkari will all be participating as moderators for some discussions and be part of the panel themselves in a separate discussion at 2040 GMT. The agenda can be found here, with the event covering “Racism and the Economy: Focus on Housing” – discussing ‘policy proposals for dismantling the deep inequities in housing market valuation, mortgage lending, and patterns of housing development’. Not really the stage for policy talk but just take note in case.