German 10-year bond yields climb to highest since March last year as the global steepening continues

10-year bund yields rise to -0.255%, the highest since March last year


As mentioned earlier, if it didn’t work with Lagarde, it isn’t going to work with Lane.
The big story in the market today continues to be that of bonds as the steepening continues with the long-end of the curve rising sharply.
10-year Treasury yields are up nearly 7 bps to 1.442% while 30-year Treasury yields are up 6.4 bps to 2.297% currently in European morning trade.
European stocks are starting to see gains chipped away while US futures reflect a decline in tech with Nasdaq futures down 0.7% after a brief and minor rebound. S&P 500 futures are down 0.2% near the lows but Dow futures are up 0.1%.