US yields come off there high levels

Helps to spur US stock indices higher

The US yields have come off there high levels as chair Powell sticks by his story of low inflation (with the possibility of transitory increases) and high unemployment.

The 10 year yield is trading at 1.382%, up 4.0 basis points. That is a down from the high yield of 1.4337%.
The 30 year yield is trading at 2.237%, up 5.7 basis points but down from the high of 2.291%.
The lower yields and Fed chair comments have helped to push the major indices higher.
The Dow industrial average is now trading at new all time highs at 31779.81.
The NASDAQ index is now positive that +38.31 points or 0.28% at 13503.40. It’s high price reached 13513.71.
The S&P index is also trading near its highs at 3905.23. The high prices just above that a 3905.56. The index is up 23 points or 0.59% on the day.
The Russell 2000 index is leading the way with a gain of 1.91% or 42.77 points to 2274.08. It too is trading at its highs for the day